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Chat Avenue is another new and powerful online dating site. You will find all the features that you have grown accustomed to while using other sites plus more. It’s like having all the best features from other sites. If you are wondering what the big deal is then you really should try it out.

Chat Avenue is a feature rich, search engine driven and easy to use online dating service. Whether you are looking for a man or a woman, there is an appropriate group to match you with someone who shares similar interests.

Chat Avenue

Chat is free on Chat Avenue. Just log on and go to your profile. There are no costs, and no obligation to chat. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone, then you can simply browse around and make contact.

If you are just looking for friends, then a free thirty minute membership fee is provided. All profiles are verified by using Google, so you can rest assured that your personal information is protected and secure. Chats are all anonymous and do not require you to put your name or phone number. You can use your initials or your maiden name as your online dating name.

Chat Avenue for a Relationship ?

Chat encourages members to be honest. So if you are looking for a serious relationship, then you better be able to tell them that you are. You may also request to change your photo at any time. Chat allows you to tell your friends or family about yourself while maintaining anonymity.

Different categories of people are categorized according to their interests. These include but are not limited to, Love, Romance, Business, Fitness, etc. The great thing about this is that there are many categories for those who are looking for a variety of people. You will never be left out.

Chat Avenue is used instead of chatting in traditional dating sites. This type of system is a little more fun than the traditional way of communicating with people. It’s fun because it’s completely anonymous and discreet.

Chat Avenue can initiate contact directly or choose to be contacted through some sort of email service. Another option is to use the signature line of a message as a method of communicating. You are also encouraged to receive messages as a form of notification. You can even notify other users about your arrival in chat rooms.

Chat Avenue Features –

Chat is done right within the chat room. You don’t have to go to your inbox to send a message or be reminded to add someone to your contact list. If you have trouble remembering your address, a Chat Lady will remind you every five minutes.

Chat Avenue is done via mobile phones. This is possible through the use of an application that allows text messaging. The Chat lady will give you her mobile phone number. The same applies to Chat AIrs and Chat Angels.

Chat features the ability to invite others to chat with you. When someone you invite to chat with you, you will be notified of this. In fact, you may even get a phone call from someone you invited. You can also set up your own profile that allows you to invite others to chat with you as well.

That is just another way to chat with people. Get chatting!

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